How Businesses Can Benefit from Plastic Bag Bans

Did you know that many cities across the world have made the decision to ban the use of plastic bags? That’s right — it’s not just San Francisco. Major metropolises all over the world are jumping on the bandwagon, including cities in England, India, Mexico and Australia. Businesses can benefit from plastic bag bans by offering consumers an alternative: reusable bags.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Plastic Bag Bans

Being from New York, the idea of banning plastic bags is a very new concept for me. I was first introduced to the idea during my recent trip to Austin, Texas. The city has enforced a ban on single-use plastic bags since March 2012. While consumers might find the new legislation annoying, it will help reduce litter in and around Austin.

The main idea behind the movement is to help improve and maintain the environment. According to Clean Water Action, less than 5 percent of plastic bags get recycled, which means that most end up littered or landfilled.

As angry as the people of Austin may be, business owners can take advantage of the ban and see it for what it really is: an opportunity. Did you know that a good quality reusable bag can replace 600 plastic bags? What better way to benefit from plastic bag bans than by creating reusable totes imprinted with your logo?

How Businesses Can Benefit from Plastic Bag Bans - promotional tote bags

In fact, because the life span of a reusable bag has increased in recent years, companies can expect even longer brand exposure. Providing your customers with personalized tote bags is like giving them walking billboards. They’ll promote your brand every time they shop!


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