Why I Recommend Custom Umbrellas as a Giveaway

Part of my job as Motivators' sales manager to assist my clients in choosing a promotional item I think would be effective. "What's something people won't throw away?" is a common question I get. One of my top five answers is always an umbrella! I recommend custom umbrellas as a giveaway or gift, and here's why:

Why I Recommend Custom Umbrellas as a Giveaway

Umbrellas are a necessity. Unless you enjoy running at high speeds or getting completely soaked, you need an umbrella when it rains! I keep one in my car, in my house, and at my work desk all the time. And while a good umbrella is essential, it's also something I don't necessarily think to buy for myself. So when I receive one as a promotional gift, I get very excited! I never throw an umbrella away, and neither will your customers!

Umbrellas can be used cleverly. Sure, umbrellas protect us against the elements. But I admire when custom umbrellas are used in unique and clever ways, like at a baby or wedding shower. "Showering with love" — what a fun play on words!

promotional umbrellas - Why I Recommend Custom Umbrellas as a Giveaway

Umbrellas have a great imprint area. When you give someone an umbrella with your logo on it, you guarantee repeated brand exposure. The panel of an umbrella has a wonderfully large decoration space that everyone will see while it's in-use. Imprinting on an umbrella is a great way to boost brand exposure. You can even print a fun slogan! A popular one I see on golf umbrellas is, "Rain or shine, I golf all the time!"

Umbrellas increase awareness. Umbrellas happen to come in a wide range of colors and patterns. That's why they can be used to help spread awareness for a variety of causes. If you're searching for a one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Awareness Month giveaway, for example, consider ordering pink umbrellas imprinted with the breast cancer awareness ribbon. Your recipients will help spread the word about your cause every time it rains.

So if you are looking for a promotional product that is a little different and has staying power, order custom umbrellas!


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