3 Great Graduation Souvenirs

I remember my high school graduation like it was yesterday. It was absolutely one of the most memorable days of my life. In fact, I think every student looks forward to graduation. It's the light at the end of a 12+ year tunnel. That's why commemorating the event is so important! Help everyone remember their big day by giving away graduation souvenirs at the end of the ceremony.

3 Great Graduation Souvenirs

I admit that as a teenager I didn't really care about promotional products. But believe it or not, I still have the graduation swag I was given on that day years ago. My entire graduating class received a big bag filled with graduation souvenirs. Here are a few of the products that were included:

School Supplies

3 Great Graduation Souvenirs - carabiner highlighters


Most of my friends and I moved onto college after high school. It was great that my school gave us supplies that we'd be able to use in the coming years. Our graduation swag bag included a carabiner highlighter and international pencils, which are made up of components from sources around the world. They were both imprinted with my high school's logo and, of course, "Congrats, grad! "

3 Great Graduation Souvenirs - international pencils

License Plate Frames

3 Great Graduation Souvenirs - Custom Molded Hi-Impact 3-D Traditional License Frame

What says "Happy Graduation " better than a vote of confidence? One of my favorite graduation souvenirs is the license plate frame that I got. My high school imprinted it with an encouraging message: "Watch out, world! " Every time I look at it, I remember that I'm destined to do big things.

Magnetic Bumper Stickers

3 Great Graduation Souvenirs - magnetic bumper stickers

Our parents keep us on track throughout our education, and that's why including bumper stickers for mom and dad is a wonderful idea. This magnetic bumper sticker was included in my bag of graduation giveaways. It says, "Proud Parent of a Levittown High School Graduate. " My folks loved it!

While I don't still use all of my graduation souvenirs today (the highlighter has long since dried out), I keep them as mementos of my time spent with friends and teachers. Thanks to Facebook, most of us are still in touch. In fact, we are now planning our 10 year high school reunion (eek!). I can't wait to see what great giveaways we receive.


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