3 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here at Motivators, we strive to think outside the box and stray away from your typical promotional products in order to create branding opportunities that REALLY work. With that being said, Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, May 11), and it is time to think of ways that we can say, or scream, “Thanks, Mom!” When promoting your brand, it is important to make sure that the item you select clicks with not only your brand’s look and feel, but also your intended message. Below you will find three unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that I think are not only a great value but will also serve as a grand promotion.

3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Spa and Relaxation

We all know that mothers have their work cut out for them. Whether they are chasing around toddlers, helping their high-schooler with math homework or on the phone with their college senior, talking them through a boyfriend “crisis,” moms are non-stop and they never get a day off. Be the brand that says more than “Thanks for all that you do!” Motivators offers gifts that help moms to sit back and relax on Mother’s Day.

One great way to promote relaxation is by giving away spa and relaxation themed gifts. One of my favorites is Motivators’ relaxation gel eye pads.

3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - relaxation gel eye pads

This set of two is sure to have your mom over the moon. When she doesn’t have time to slice up that cucumber, you can be sure she will grab these out of the freezer and enjoy the cooling sensation she deserves. Here are a couple of imprint ideas that tie together the Mother’s day theme and the product’s use, as well as a sense of humor:

  • This Mom Was Pampered by a Jericho Middle School Student
  • This Mom is COOL!


One way to escape from the craziness of our everyday life is through reading. While younger generations might be used to a Kindle or iPad, there is still something wonderful about holding a book in your hands and being able to turn the pages. Gift books offer a special opportunity to say thanks. At times, we find ourselves unable to put into words how we feel. Motivators offers a ton of quotation books that will do all the talking.

Also consider our New York Times relax and unwind crosswords to show your appreciation. This fun book is filled with 75 puzzles that will have mom cuddled on the couch for hours. Put your message on the front cover, or if you need a little extra space, include a full page insert. This gift book won’t leave the bedside table, I guarantee it!

3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Gift Book - The New York Times relax and unwind crosswords

Movie Ticket Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift certificate? You could give your mom $20 and suggest she put it towards a movie night out, but the chances of that money being turned around and spent on you are extremely high. That’s why a custom movie ticket card is one of my favorite unique Mother’s Day gift ideas!

3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - movie ticket cards

This item offers a full digital imprint that you can use for exceptional brand exposure. Not only will mom thank you for the movie, but she is sure to keep the card as a constant reminder of your appreciation. Want a card that offers 2 tickets? Give me a call, and I will make it happen!

Now that you know my suggestions for telling mom how incredible she, let’s put it to use! I am always available to assist you with your promotional needs. Whether you want to discuss unique Mother’s Day gift ideas or everyday promos, give me a call. I hope to hear from you soon!


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