5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag

Spring is here, and the time has come to leave our houses and enjoy the world around us. Many people will head out to the gym to get themselves in shape for summer. That’s why now’s the prime time to hand out fitness swag. Any one of a number of items will no doubt get in your end users hands while working out at the gym.

5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag


5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag - headphones

You’d be hard pressed to find someone working out at the gym not listening to music, whether it be with an iPhone, an Android device or even a cassette player. Music can make a boring, difficult workout entertaining and even give you energy when you need it the most. Headphones are guaranteed to be useful to anyone who likes to work out, even casually.


5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag - apparel - men's olympian jacket

Sometimes the most obvious ideas pass us by. The truth is you aren’t lifting weights or running on a treadmill in a suit and tie or your “going out” wardrobe. Everyone has their own fitness apparel. From t-shirts to hoodies, you have to wear what’s comfortable. Adding to a gym junkie’s workout wardrobe will always be appreciated.

Duffel Bags

5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag - excel sport club duffel 18 inches

While gym lockers are a necessity, they are rarely described as pleasant. No matter how luxurious your gym, its locker room is still a dark cubby filled with strangers’ smelly clothes. Duffel bags keep everything together and protected from strange gym scents.


5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag - towels

Some gyms have complimentary towels, but many do not. In addition, many fitness centers have pools, saunas and steam rooms. We’ve got everything from compact sports towels to full size beach towels, which are top of mind for most people working out. Remember, it’s not exercising if you don’t break a sweat!

Water Bottles

5 Ways to Show Your Fitness Swag - frosted fitness bottle - 20 oz.

The king of all fitness swag is the sports bottle. Working out is nothing if not exhausting. In fact, not drinking water while working out can even be considered dangerous. Not to mention, a reusable water bottle helps the earth by eliminating waste created by disposable bottles. It also saves gym bunnies money! Everyone from joggers to weight lifters needs to stay hydrated at the gym, and you can be the brand that makes it happen.

How do you show your fitness swag?


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