How to Celebrate Better Sleep Month

Did you know that Better Sleep Month is an awareness event in May? I sure did not, but I loved researching it for this blog post. Yes, we all think we know everything when it comes to sleeping. But the truth is, we just go to sleep. We rarely pay attention to the details. Or at least I don’t. I don’t have any trouble sleeping at night, and most of the time I get eight hours of sleep. However, sometimes I wake up tired and in pain. I found out many factors that tie into how I sleep. So together let’s celebrate Better Sleep Month by learning about how we can improve our sleep!

How to Celebrate Better Sleep Month

Make Adjustments to Your Environment

To sleep, all you need is a bed, pillow and a blanket in a room, right? Wrong. According to, one of the secrets of having a good night’s sleep is creating the “ideal bedroom.” Making your bedroom comfortable and cozy will aid in the relaxation process. Your sleep ambiance, including your mattress, pillows and bedding, can also have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. A quality mattress that suits your sleep habits may help you feel more energized as opposed to an old mattress, which can lead to back problems and sleep deficiency. The same goes for the pillows that support your spine, shoulders and neck. suggests three sleep positions that should help in choosing your pillow:

  • Firm pillows – best if you sleep on your side
  • Medium-firm pillows – best if you sleep on your back
  • Soft pillows – best if you sleep on your stomach

My must-have item that helps me sleep is my eye mask. Even a little bit of light bothers me, so our customizable aero-snooze has become a part of my nightly routine. Your brand can promote Better Sleep Month by imprinting this useful item with your logo.

how to celebrate better sleep month - Aero-Snooze

Eat Right & Exercise

Yes, what we eat and what we do will affect our sleep! The amount of food consumed before bed can cause poor digestion and discomfort and lead to weakness. Those who suffer from heartburn should avoid eating late at night. Too much caffeine and alcohol can hinder sleep as well. Drinking too much liquid before bedtime can cause you to wake up to go to the bathroom.

How to Celebrate Better Sleep Month - exercise

Exercising regularly will increase the quality and quantity of sleep. Occasional exercise will not show any results. Best results are achieved by sticking to a regular routine and allowing the benefits to develop gradually.

Manage Stress

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) conducted a sleep and stress survey to find out what keeps Americans up at night. Stress may be the number one reason for bad sleep. We cannot sleep when we are stressed. But a good night’s sleep will ease stress.

How to Celebrate Better Sleep Month - manage stress

Stress is part of life, and we have to manage it to stay healthy. Stress can cause us to be more tense and anxious. It affects us both emotionally and physically. How we think, what we expect, what we tell ourselves often determine how we manage the stress in our lives. So keep your chin up if you want to sleep better!

To summarize, make the following changes to get quality rest during Better Sleep Month:

  • Make your bedroom as comfy as possible
  • Eat right and get exercise
  • Get your stress under control

What other tips do you have for getting better sleep?


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