Charging Devices: Q&A with Motivators CEO Ken Laffer

Charging devices are hot right now, and for good reason. I sat down with Motivators’ CEO himself, Ken Laffer, MAS, MASI, to discuss why smart device chargers have been such a hit this year.


BRANDON: What exactly is a promotional power bank, and what does it do?

KEN: Every once in a while a new promotional product is created that takes the market by storm. This year it is the power bank. Charging devices are small and compact and can recharge your smartphone when an electric outlet is not available.

Why are power banks so popular with customers?

Power banks fit in your pocket, backpack or purse, so they’re always available to recharge your phone, tablet or any smart device when you are on-the-go. Our two-port zoom energy bar charger, for example, is small enough to charge your phone when you are out and on the move.



How can businesses benefit from giving away branded phone chargers?

These promotional products are small in size but large in their ability to keep your brand in the hands and in front of your best customers, your salespeople or anyone who uses a smart device. Charging devices truly give you a low cost per impression and a bang for your promotional budget!

What are some promotional uses for these trending power banks?

Our customers are buying phone chargers for anything from customer incentives to employee appreciation — even as trade show traffic drivers. The last thing you want to is for your smartphone to go dead when you’re in the middle of a conversation at a trade show! These products are also going to be huge this upcoming holiday season — many of our items are available in attractive packaging and/or are as part of larger tech kits people are going crazy for.

Does every promotional charging device hold the same energy charge?

No, it varies based on the device’s mAh (milli amp per hour). The image below explains what that means:

Charging-Devices-QA-with-Motivators-CEO-Ken Laffer-mAh-Power-guidelines

Browse Motivators’ selection of promotional phone chargers now and start powering your brand. If you need help finding the right power bank for your company or organization, dial¬†800-525-9600 and ask to speak with a promotional consultant. You can also chat with us live online!


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