Nurses Week Celebration Ideas

Nurses Week takes place during early May in the U.S. During Nurses Week, we acknowledge and appreciate our country’s great nurses and their accomplishments. Its dates are not chosen at random, either. According to the American Nurses Association, Nurses Week ends on the birthday of one of nursing’s most significant figures, Florence Nightingale, AKA the founder of modern nursing. Today, nurses around the world play a critical part in the healthcare process and save lives every day. Let’s talk some fun Nurses Week celebration ideas:

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas

Plan an Event

One of my favorite Nurses Week celebration ideas is to throw a special event, such a cocktail party or dinner. Organize a fun after-work event to honor the nurses at your hospital or doctor’s office. You can even hold an award ceremony during your event to recognize nurses who go above and beyond.

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas - Awards

If you’ve got a smaller budget, you can even do something as simple as buy the nurses at your office lunch for a day. Your thoughtful gesture won’t go unnoticed.

Contact the Media

Write a press release announcing Nurses Week and the events that will be held within your community. This will give the media a heads up, and could help boost your message. Imagine if the local newspaper and TV network showed up at your Nurses Week celebration?

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas - Contact the Media

You could also write an op-ed for your local newspaper honoring local nurses in your community. Tech-savvy individuals might prefer to write a blog post. Whatever you do will be a big help in spreading the word!

Customize Your Giveaways

The best way to celebrate Nurses Week is to give back to the special nurses who give us so much. Motivators offers a number of great nurse-themed gifts. For instance, our scrubs tote bag is great giveaway for the nurse who’s always prepared to work long hours:

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas - Scrubs Tote Bag

Not quite what you’re looking for? How about this practical giveaway? Every nurse carries a badge or lanyard. Spice up their look with our custom scrub badge pull:

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas - Scrub Badge Pull

How will you show your appreciation for the nurses at your health clinic or hospital? Find more Nurses Week gifts at Which Nurses Week celebration ideas caught your eye?


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