How to Promote Healthy Eating for Kids

I don’t think there is anything better than enjoying what you do for a living, and helping people at the same time! I’m not saying we’re miracle workers here at Motivators; however, I recently helped a large sporting goods company find a giveaway to promote healthy eating for kids.


The items will be handed out at a marathon strictly for children, and the company wanted to stay away from the mundane. My client also wanted to avoid choosing items that had been given out the previous years. No water bottles or pedometers! No more t-shirts and sweatbands! Please, no more wristbands or visors! Oh, and the giveaways had to be recyclable, healthy and something the kids wouldn’t want to throw away seconds after receiving it.

I began what seemed like an almost impossible search. We considered a bunch of cooking items such as measuring cups, measuring spoons, cutting boards and kitchen aprons. But we found ourselves asking, “Are kids really going to get excited about receiving a measuring spoon?” Plus, these giveaways do not necessarily promote healthy eating for kids, which was my client’s main goal.

After a bit more searching we hit the jackpot! I decided to pitch the idea of giving away a potted basil, do-it-yourself growing kit made from recycled materials along with a healthy cook book! When you want to promote healthy eating for kids, it really doesn’t get more perfect than that.



I think helping children grow a spice to put on their homemade meals is a really smart way to promote healthy eating for kids. Plus, the recycled growing kit teaches them a thing or two about the environment as well.

We really hit a home-run this year. I was so impressed with the giveaways, I even took one home for myself! I can’t wait to watch the basil grow and use it on my own healthy meals.


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