Celebrate National Dairy Month

The dairy days of summer are upon us at last. If you love all things dairy like I do, then you must know that the month of June is National Dairy Month! Dairy month began back in 1937 as a way to promote drinking more milk, due to the surplus at the time.  It has since been celebrated as an annual tradition.


There are many ways to celebrate National Dairy Month. But here’s a few.

You can hand out Swag like the Cool CowStress Reliever Keyring. Relieve your stress and celebrate dairy month at the same time.


Another way to celebrate is by learning a brand-new recipe that consists of dairy. You can try to incorporate your favorite dairy product in a new way. For me, I am going to try dipping some berries in sour cream, then in brown or powdered sugar, for a tasty late-night snack!



It’s important for children to be educated on the importance of dairy. The Flying Mooing Cow Toy can be given to children to play with, while explaining to them the necessity of dairy. The product comes in a variety of cape colors. Dairy products supply nice essential nutrients, which can help to better manage weight, and dairy can also reduce your risk for high blood pressure, osteoperosis and certain cancers. From potassium to calcium, dairy has many health benefits that cannot be overlooks.


Help celebrate this year all that is dairy. And moo if you love dairy!


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