Four Promotional Items You Can’t Graduate Without

‘Tis the season for graduation! I must first start off by congratulating all of the current and recent grads! It is such a huge accomplishment whether you are moving up to high school, college, or pursuing a higher degree. To close one chapter and start another is truly remarkable and you all should be extremely proud of yourselves. Here at Motivators, we wish you the best of luck!

With that said, there are four promotional items that you won’t want to leave your alma mater without. So, before you pack up and say goodbye, make sure to check out the bookstore or create your own promo memories with us, here at Motivators! Here’s a list of four promotional items you can’t graduate without!

1. Promotional Mug

Grad Mug

You may have received one at orientation, or from your big sister in your sorority, but if you didn’t, treat yourself! The promotional mug is a staple item that will stay with you forever. Once you graduate, and move on to bigger things, the mug will travel with you on your journey. Whether you choose a standard coffee mug, or a branded tumbler, you can’t go wrong. You will find yourself reaching for that mug out of your cupboard and it will always make you smile.

2. Branded T-Shirt/Sweatshirt

Grad Sweatshirt

Chances are you already have a t-shirt or sweatshirt to represent your school, but it’s time to buy just one more. We all know the number of football games and airports your promotional t-shirt has been to, so let’s spice it up! Get together with your favorite club or fraternity and order some apparel that suits you best. With tons of t-shirt and sweatshirt styles to choose from, and a world class art department behind us, the world is your oyster!

3. School Bumper Sticker

Grad Bumper Sticker

Just because you no longer attend the school, it doesn’t mean school spirit shouldn’t be screaming from the back of your car. Get a small promotional bumper sticker to warrant a honk from the car next to you, And I promise, it will never get old. Again, let us help you create your own!

4. Promotional Pad-folio

Grad Padfolio

You might raise your eyebrows at firs,t but a promotional pad-folio will come in handy. After graduating from college, job interviews are sure to soon follow. When you walk into a room with a potential employer, you want to dress the part. Coming prepared with several copies of your résumé, as well as a pad-folio and pen, shows you are ready to work. When asking questions, you can easily jot down answers to show you are truly listening and absorbing the interview. All of these items can be rushed to you in a timely fashion and are perfect for any graduate!


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