Top 3 Personalized Summer Camp Items

Summer camp! I remember it well. I was lucky enough to attend two camps. For one week every summer, I went to a special camp for children that were adopted from Korea. My brothers were able to join my sister and I in learning about the culture that we never experienced. Then there was soccer camp. I was sure I was going to melt into the field while playing on those wide-open fields during the dog days of summer.

personalized summer camp items

Both were amazing experiences. I am still in touch with some of my childhood camp friends (thank you, social media!).

Around the office, I have heard my co-workers reminisce about their camp days.  A handful went to the same camp (Beth Sholom), some to local town camps, and others to specialty camps (music/art/sports). But we all agree that these are the top 3 personalized summer camp items!

1. Lunch Bags

Budget Lunch Bag

Every kid needs a fun lunch bag! If you choose a bright and easy bag, it will be easier to spot in the sea of lunches. Motivators offers a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that will suit any child’s need. We even have fun animal design bags that really stand out!

2. Water Bottles

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle

Staying hydrated in the summer is very important, especially if you are playing a sport. To avoid overheating and fainting, kids (and adults) should have water nearby at all times. I personally love the Bobble filtered bottles. This bottle allows you to fill up with tap water and it filters it on the way out. Perfect for when you are on the run or don’t have filtered water at your disposal!

3. T-Shirts
Port & Company Cotton Essential T-Shirt

That’s right, the good ol’ t-shirt is a must. A shirt with the camps logo on it is a fantastic keepsake for parents and kids. Bright colored shirts helps counselors keep track of kids when they are out on trips. We offer youth and adult sizes in an array of colors!

Good luck to all the parents, kids, and counselors during the upcoming Summer Camp season. Have fun!


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