Celebrate National Culinary Arts Month

While food used to simply be something we needed to survive, over the years it has culminated into an art. July is National Culinary Arts Month. With the rising trend in food related television programs, more and more people are beginning to show an increased interest in the culinary arts.



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Throughout the month of July, many different industries, such as universities, restaurants, and television/radio stations, take part in different activities, hosted by skilled chefs. They do so in order to raise interest and passion for cooking. It is a great opportunity for them to teach others how to cook, show their creativity, and show the importance of using quality ingredients and innovative techniques. It’s also a great opportunity for restaurants to grasp the attention of new customers through special events and promotions.


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So when you think of July, don’t just think of the beach, Fourth of July and beach ball giveaways. It’s also a great opportunity to show your support for great food and creativity! I personally am looking forward to our local town’s festivities, which displays a wide array of ethnic foods from many different cultures. There are also chefs from different local restaurants that prepare and cook food right in front of you. This way, you can get the complete culinary experience.


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Some great giveaways to use during the month of July are customized cookbooks, kitchen utensils, oven mitts and high end kitchen and home gift sets. These are all items that everyone would love to keep and use repeatedly in their homes. And every time they do so, they will see your company logo! Branding at its finest!


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