Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month

July is Parks and Recreation Month! It’s not very hard to figure out why. The cold is totally gone, kids are out of school and everyone is ready to head on over to the park, be it for a ball game, barbecue or just to be outside!


A few things come to mind when I think about packing necessary items for one of these outdoor events.

One has got to be an imprinted cooler, preferably a rolling one. Who wants to sweat on the way to the BBQ? The Ice Roller 54-Can Cooler canĀ hold up to 54 cans and they have a huge imprint area! Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the wonderful company who gave one of these monsters away?



The second item that comes to mind to celebrate Parks and Recreation Month is a BBQ set. This has to be available even before you start grilling. I had a bad experience once, and there may have been an incident where I used a CD as a replacement for a spatula (not something that I would recommend or want to repeat). Plus, who throws a BBQ set away? This item will last for many more barbecues to come!


Finally, you need to have a grill! This Game Day Portable Grill and Cooler is an amazing promotional item, and consists of a portable grill AND a cooler. Now why would you nee a cooler when you already haveĀ the rolling cooler with you? Well, you can put other items in there, such as salt, pepper and condiments. I find it easier to throw all of these items in there and just leave them in there for your next outing. This product also has a huge imprint area. Just add the charcoal and you’re good to go!


I hope you all have a wonderful time partaking in Parks and Recreation Month. After this last winter we had, we all deserve it!



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