Great Promotional Golf Kits for the Summer

With summer around the corner, the weather has finally started to get pleasant. This means plenty of barbecues, trips to the beach, and golf. Sponsoring golf outings is a great way for businesses to help spread their name, while also being able to network. At Motivators, we have some great promotional golf kits for the summer! Here are some that you will be sure to enjoy!


1. Golfvelope



The Golfvelope is a greatt giveaway for golf outings, because it allows you to show your logo on the entire envelope. Also, these golf kits come with a divot tool, ball marker and even four tees! Not only does this promote your brand, but it also shows that you care about your client’s experience while attending your golf outing.

2. 6 Tall Tees with Divot Tool and Ball Marker Tee Pack


This set includes tees, a divot tool and a ball marker. It’s a great giveaway for Father’s day, golf outings, or simply for anyone that is a fan of the game. Another aspect that makes this a great giveaway is the ability to print your logo on all six of the tees, as well as the divot tool and ball marker. It gives you three opportunities to spread your brand!

3. Scottsdale Golfers Gift Box 


This gift box is a great incentive for a golf outing or a Father’s Day gift. This high-quality gift box includes three balls, five tees, two ball markers and a divot tool. One of the best aspects about this item is that every item can be printed on. This increases brand recognition, while simultaneously providing your clients with a thoughtful gift.

4. Golfers Pal Kit


Whether you’re handing these out as incentive for a golf outing, or if you’re sending it to your preferred clients, this is a great giveaway for any business. This giveaway comes with three Callaway golf balls, a microfiber golf towel, a divot tool, ball marker, matchbook tee holder and even a zippered pouch with a clip. This golf kit contains all of the essentials for a golfer, while also promoting your brand.


The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Those are just a few reasons why summer is the perfect season for golf. What better way to take advantage of this, while your promoting your brand and company, than by choosing one of our great promotional golf items to impress your clients? Enjoy your summer! And happy golfing!


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