June is Adopt a Cat Month

June is Adopt a Cat Month! Did you know that literally thousands of kittens are born each spring during kitten season? These kittens often end up in shelters that are already overflowing with cats.  The good news is that shelters are filled with adorable, sweet, wonderful kittens as well as older, mellow cats.


Motivators has some great items to help promote Adopt a Cat month. And when adopting kittens, sometimes it better to adopt two. Recipients of any age will adore our Kitten 2015 Calendar that comes fully equipped with 12 months of cuteness. This item is great for pet stores, vet clinics and organizations celebrating Adopt A Cat Month.

catKittens only eat small amounts at one time, so our Pet Food Can Lid is a great tool for keeping food fresh until the next feeding (great for dog food, too).  The lids come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your logo.


Show your support with a magnet, whether it be paw shaped or cat shaped. A magnet is a great reminder that any time is a great time to adopt a cat. The Cat Flexible Magnet is adorable and can promote your brand on the cat image.


Great for keeping you cats papers handy our Paw Mega Magnet Clip is perfect for the home or office and the paw is a great  for any pet lover.


During adopt a cat month, consider adopting two, since cats require exercise and social interaction.  Find cats that have a personality to match yours. And enjoy all the love that cats have to offer!



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