National Fireworks Safety Month

Let’s celebrate our freedom safely this Fourth of July!


June is National Fireworks Safety Month. It arrives a month prior to the Fourth of July so that we can all be prepared when the celebration begins. The National Council of Fireworks Safety’s mission is to “educate the public on the safe and responsible use of consumer fireworks so as to eliminate injuries.” The NCFS urges Americans to follow common sense safety rules during their holiday celebration.

Official leaders dinner.

Motivators has some great ideas to help promote your business and aid in the safety of others during the historical day.

The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook can be handed out to families in the neighborhood so they have the proper tools in case of a medical emergency. The book provides step-by-step instructions that can save someone’s life.


The “When to Call 9-1-1” Coloring Book is also a great idea for local companies. They can be given out to children so that they can learn what to do in an emergency. It’s important to teach children at a young age these important lessons.


The Sauver 21pc First Aid Kit is a helpful item to have on hand when fireworks are being set off. This item has numerous necessities in a case of an emergency. It’s a great item to have your company promote.


The Earplugs w/o Cord Quikit is a perfect way to promote your company or organization. They can be distributed with your logo on the packaging, and they will come in handy when the loud fireworks begin.


All of us love the beautiful colors that fireworks provide. They light up the sky and excite the kid in all of us. However, it is very important to be safe during this annual celebration. Let Motivators help you find the perfect items to make your July Fourth safe and enjoyable!


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