Three Great Gardening Tools

One of the main reasons we bought our house was for the over-sized property. It was very important to us to have a big yard for our kids to play in. Something that was large enough to play games, put up a swing set, kick the soccer ball around and host some fun BBQs.



We bought our house in December and were looking forward to getting outside. What we did not realize was how much work it takes to maintain a garden. So my husband Bill ran out and got the big tools: lawnmower, weed-whacker, chainsaw, etc. I, on the other hand, needed to tackle the smaller, and in my opinion, harder, gardens around the property. So I prepared myself with some necessary gardening tools. Here’s three great gardening tools that stand out!

1. Garden Tool Bag


My favorite item is the Garden Tool Bag. This sturdy bag allows me to organize my tools, while lugging them from location to location around the yard. It has six large outer pockets and includes five deluxe garden tools: trowel, cultivators, weeder, pruner and a 30 meter garden twine with cutter. This is an amazing giveaway for any nursery!

2. Marigold Seed Packet


This year I decided to plant seeds instead of buying flats of flowers. I thought it would be fun to germinate the seeds and then let my daughter plant and water them. So spread out around the beds and pots are marigold seeds and some wildflowers. Marigolds help scare away bugs! Both of these seed packets were a perfect spring/summer mailers!

3. Collapsible Garden Bag

gardenbagMy least favorite part of the weeding process is the cleanup. I used to just throw the weeds into piles on the ground, but then I would have to go and clean that up as well. With my collapsible garden bag, I just bring it with me as I go. The bag makes the cleanup  so much easier and it saves a lot of space in my garage. I love this item for a flower show giveaway!


If you are looking for a new and useful giveaway or gift this spring or summer, don’t forget about garden accessories that anyone will appreciate!



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