Back to School: College Edition

One of our previous blogs was discussing Back to School Items for elementary and high school students. But this is Back to School: College Edition.


After a beautiful summer vacation, college kids (and I’m sure professors) are both dreading going back to school. But every student who starts a new semester has the aspiration of becoming a straight A student. Students must make sure they have everything they need to be successful. So here are a list of great Motivators items back to school items for college students!



Every student needs one of these in their room! Wall calendars are great for jotting down important notes in and they help to visualize upcoming events the student never wants to forget. A pocket calendar would also be a great use for classes as well. Students can write down assignments and tests that are coming up! It’s great for organization.

Power Banks


With the amount of time we spend on technology, this item is a must have! Don’t you hate when your phone or laptop runs out of battery? Make sure that never happens again! Power banks are small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can carry them with you wherever you go!

Laundry Bags


When you’re living the dorm life, mom won’t be around to do your laundry for you anymore! Which means you have to make sure you know how to do your own laundry. And if you can’t do your own laundry, you’ll at least need a laundry bag in order to load up your stuff and drop it off at the laundromat. Take a look at all of the different laundry bags that Motivators offers!

Book Lights


There will be times when you’re up all night cramming for exams! Your roommate won’t be happy with you leaving the room light on while they’re trying to sleep, so you must invest in one of these book lights! You’ll be able to maintain your friendship with your roommate and be able to ace your exams!

Travel Mugs


What is every college student’s best friend? COFFEE! Instead of paying for a cup of coffee before class, why not make it in your room and take it to go? Funds are probably tight and here’s a great way to save money! The travel mug will come in handy for late night cram sessions and for consistently being on the go!

All of these items will come in handy for a college student. So visit today and find the items that are perfect for you!


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