Celebrate Art Appreciation Month

August has been named Art Appreciation Month, and that is a reminder for us to enjoy the finger thing in life. The term “art” is not limited to the paintings you see hanging in world famous museums. Anything can be considered a work of art if you can take the time to appreciate the effort and thought that was put into its creation. Below is a list of a few promotional products that can help promote your brand, while also showing your appreciation for the finer things! These items will definitely help you to celebrate art appreciation month! ga   1. Custom Wall Calendars calendarrrrrr Whether your favorite works of art are old school cars, beautiful landscapes, cartoons, or famous paintings, we have a calendar to show off 12 months of these fine works, all while promoting your brand! Help your customers enjoy the finer things in life each month, while reminding them you are always there.

2. Coloring Books bu No one says “art” has to be done by older people. Kids can create art, too! With our wide variety of coloring books, you can help boost your name, while providing the children of your clients countless hours of coloring and fun. What better way to help your clients appreciate art, while promoting your business, than by providing their children with a place to create it?

3. Watercolor Paint Set water This item is a great way to increase appreciation for both your brand and for art. Every time your clients break open this set to create their next masterpiece, they’ll remember you and your business! Whether you are showing your clients how much you appreciate art, or are looking for a fun, artsy way to promote your brand, Motivators has a great selection of art related items to help you out! With over 50,000 items to choose from, we have tons of options, and a great sales team, that can help you every step of the way.


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