Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Happy August everyone! Even though Valentine’s Day is in February, August is officially Romance Awareness Month. According to a survey conducted by Zoosk.com, the most romantic days of the year are anniversaries (42%), summer vacations (34%) and Valentine’s Day (24%).


So what does this mean? Summer vacations are considered a more romantic time than Valentine’s Day! So why not take advantage of this month by smothering your significant other in chocolates, flowers, candles and extra love on a mini summertime getaway that neither one of you will forget!


Themis Gift Box w/ Candle

How can you spice up the romance in your relationship, you may ask? Well, you do not need to buy expensive gifts or go out to fancy dinners or go on luxurious vacations. Something as simple as going for a walk on the beach, lighting up the house with colorful scented candles, cooking together (using lots of spices), filling the house with bright and playful balloons, or leaving love notes around the house for the other to find are all great ways to show your love for each other and spice things up.



Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain Cookbook

And don’t just think of it as a time for guys to romance the ladies. Men like to be schmoozed and smothered with love and kisses, too. Make sure to be spontaneous, surprise him, and spend quality time with each other. Give him a Mini Romance Kit to ignite those flames.



Romance Mini Kit

And if you do not have a special someone, don’t think of romance as something only couples can experience. August can be the perfect time to meet THE ONE. Whip up the courage, call that guy or girl you’ve been thinking about, and ask him or her out on a date. Spend a rainy summer day watching romantic comedies with your girlfriends. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment and massage. Take a long walk in the park with your cute little furry friend. After all, romance is not just about being a couple, but also about igniting the feelings of love and happiness, whether it be towards yourself, friends, pets or someone new.




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