Coolest Items for Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year. The sun is shining, parties are constant, beaches are gorgeous and the warm weather is upon us.

beach2However, with warm weather, comes the constant necessity to stay cool! Here are some of the coolest items for staying cool this summer.

1. Streamer Fan


The Streamer Fan is one of my favorite products. It will keep you warm in the warmest situations, can easily fit in your pocket or purse, and comes with a neck rope. The rope helps tremendously if you’re sitting at the beach and you want something nearby to cool you down in an instant. This is a must-have for a beach trip, a journey to an amusement park, or just for lounging around in your backyard.

2. Water Gun


The Water Gun is another one of my favorite summer items, and it will no doubt keep you cool. Water guns are fun and practical. They can be used to chase your friends around and get them drenched, but they are also amazing for cooling down underneath the hot summer sun. We have them in an assortment of colors for your preference and this is a great giveaway or gift to yourself for summer fun!

3. Going-To-The-Beach Design Umbrella


Have you ever gone to the beach and been completely overwhelmed by the heat after a certain period of time? I know I have. In order to stay at the beach rather than melting, I always make sure to bring an umbrella. Umbrellas are perfect items for the beach because they can keep you cool and shaded while the sun is still shining. The Going-To-The-Beach Design Umbrella comes in two adorable designs and will keep you cool throughout the entire beach season!

4. Mini Personal Mister


The Mini Personal Mister may be on the top three list of my favorite products that Motivators has. It is truly an amazing product. It’s particularly great for amusement parks and outdoor events. If you find yourself getting too much sun, just whip out the Mini Personal Mister, spray yourself down, and it will instantly cool you down in seconds. It has push button technology, never needs batteries, and comes in six vibrant colors. You can’t beat that!

5. Inflatable Swim Ring


One of my favorite parts about the summer is being able to enjoy a dip into the beautiful ocean or a nearby pool. If the sun is ever too hot to bear, taking a dip into the water is a sure way to become instantly cooler. The Inflatable Swim Ring is an awesome promotional product because it can make water activities more fun!

All of these items will be sure to keep you cool this summer. Even if the temperatures rise near 100 degrees, if you have one or more of these items around, you will never have to worry about being overwhelmed by the sun! The summer is the perfect season of the year, so get out there, keep cool and enjoy life! Motivators has all of the summer items that you need to stay cool this season!


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