Promotional Products for a Great Vacation

July and August are some of the best months to take that summer vacation you have been waiting for! Usually the weather is at its best and there is nothing quite like ending the summer with a bang before heading back to school. Leave those thoughts of the upcoming dreaded winter behind, and enjoy a vacation!

Some essential items for summer time vacations are coolers, towels and of course can holders. Here are some promotional products for a great vacation!

Gemline Collapsible Party Cooler


I received a cooler the first summer I started working for Motivators 10 years ago, and it has been my favorite ever since! I have replaced the original with a new one because the colors got even better. This cooler rocks. It is large enough to store lunch and drinks for the family, or to stock a few beers for a tailgating party. The best part is that when you’re finished with the items inside, you can squish the cooler flat and it will pack easy for the trip home. There is a large area on the top for embroidery or screen print decoration. To top it off, there is a retractable bottle opener affix to the cooler, so no more runaway bottle openers!

Ultreaweight Beach Towel

towelSummer vacation has to have some water time in the mix to beat the heat. There’s no better product than a beach towel. You can have your logo branded on the entirety of the towel or you can have a small, reserved design added to a corner of the towel. My favorite is the Ultraweight Beach Towel. They are 100% Turkish cotton. The large imprint area gives you plenty of room for branding!

Koozie Collapsible Can Koozie


This is another essential item. The summer heat can ruin a cold beverage, so in order to keep them cool, wrap them up in the Koozie Collapsible Can Koozie. The Koozie’s come in a ton of fun colors and you can print on both sides of the product. This is the perfect item for family reunions, company picnics, or even local sport fundraisers.

All of these items would be perfect vacation products. So find which promotional product works for you and enjoy that summer vacation!


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