Three Eco-Friendly Pens

When hearing a pen is eco-friendly, I fear that my customers automatically think of brown boring barrels and flimsy cardboard.


I am here to happily inform our audience that Motivators does offer a wide variety of eco-friendly writing instruments. Here are my top three eco-friendly pens that won’t make your customer sacrifice brand or quality!

1. Pilot (#90647)


Pilot came out with a first of its kind! This Ballpoint Pen is both made in the USA and is the world’s first pen made from recycled bottles. In addition, the pen has smear-proof ballpoint ink for smooth, effortless writing. To add to the fun, the refillable ink cartridges come in an array of colors: blue, black, red purple and green. I love this pen for kids and college fairs!

2. Bic (#85914) 


Talk about brand loyalty! I have so many customers that will only order a Bic pen. They just love the feel of the pen, and Bic pens are perfect for giveaways! So Bic launched one of their most popular styles (the widebody pen) that is made of 69% pre-consumer recycled plastic. It comes in blue or blank ink and it only takes five business days to produce. This is the perfect item for an eco-friendly tradeshow, where everyone needs a pen!

3. Papermate (#40453)


For some reason, Papermates happen to be my favorite pens to write with. The ink is smooth, it never skips, and they are a good weight. The Eco-Element is rated 4.67 out of 5 stars by our customers, has a five day production, and to top it off, a FREE set up fee! With its generous imprint area and larger barrel, this pen is great for hospitals and companies.

Just remember, just because a customer wants eco-friendly, it does not men that they need to settle for an inferior product!


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