Top Five Trade Show Electronic Giveaways

If you want a showstopper, or should I say, boothstopper, electronic giveaways are the way to go! They will ensure traffic at your booth since your promotional giveaways will peak interest, which will in return allows you to promote you brand during and after the trade show. Now, just because I say electronics, it doesn’t mean that bells and whistles in the form of dollar signs should go off. There are a ton of electronic giveaways that won’t break the bank.

Here are my top five trade show electronic giveaways! Also known as the FAB FIVE!

1. Foldable Tablet Easel


We all know that tablets and e-readers are everywhere! Allow your brand to be everywhere, too! This is a great branded item that will get you excellent exposure, is travel friendly, and most importantly, it’s useful!

2. USB Car Adapter


The promotional USB Car Adapter is ideal! Your clients and customers will put it in their cars and leave it there! They will think of you and your brand each time they charge up in the car. In other words, they’ll think of your brand very often!

3. Microfiber Cloth


The custom Microfiber Cloth is a great tradeshow giveaway because of how functional it is. Not only can they be used for your electronic items, like the iPad or iPhone, but they can also clean your glasses! If you put useful information on them, as shown here with the calendar, the number of uses will multiply!

4. Ear Muds with Mic

earbydsIf your budget allows, kick it up a notch with branded Ear Buds! These promotional Ear Buds have a built in microphone that allows you to take phone calls on the go. The carrying case has a large imprint area and will fit in your purse or pocket. And an awesome addition? The cables are tangle free! SWEET!

5. Swivel USB


USB’s are a great way to get information in the right hands. This is a fantastic item because you can upload information right onto the USB. This can include PowerPoint, Sell Sheets and other pertinent company data that you wish to share. Another great benefit is that typically, the date that is uploaded, is far less than the available space on the drive. That means that your client or customer can use this item long after they read your company information. Brand exposure will go a long way with this item!

So there you have it! My FAB FIVE for electronic tradeshow giveaways! Always remember that you are not limited to the five items above! Motivators has over 40,000 branded items to choose from, and we are just a click or a call away!


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