The Best of the Best of Fall Apparel

Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s time to start thinking about some fall apparel! The fall is such a great time of year. Football season begins, school starts, and a chill starts to arrive in the air! It’s also a great season for so many different kinds of apparel! Here’s a list of the best of the best of fall apparel!

Firstly, we have tons of activewear. Winter is around the corner and everyone wants to make sure they get in as much outdoor workout time as possible. To begin, everyone needs a moisture wicking t-shirt. The best part about ours is that they aren’t $50 per shirt! The one below is just over $5!



To go along with the shirt, you will need a great pair of mesh shorts! And at $6.65, you can’t beat this price and quality anywhere!



Now that the work out is done, you might want to head out to get some lunch! If it’s chilly out, you may want to grab your fleece. The great thing about a nice fleece, besides its warming capabilities, is that our fleece will come with a nice embroidered logo! With free shipping, this fleece is perfect!



As the sun goes down and the warm summer nights are in the past, a light jacket might be your best bet. The one below is fantastic and it’s sure to stay in your customer’s closets and on their bodies for years to come!



Finally, when you get home from this long fun day, you can slip into a pair of custom pajamas! With a crisp embroidered logo, these look great!



All of these items are perfect for the fall! So give Motivators a call today and let a sales representative help you to pick out the apparel that’s right for you!



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