Brands You Didn’t Know Were Brands

There are certain items that we refer to on an everyday basis. But did you know, the generic name that you use for these items, may actually be the brand name? For example: when packages are wrapped, they are usually used with Bubble Wrap. However, Bubble Wrap is actually a brand name. It was manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation. The correct, general name for Bubble Wrap is inflatable cushioning. Here’s ten more brands you didn’t know were brands.

1. Onesies


We all have referred to an infant’s one piece bodysuit as a Onesie, but did you know that a ONesie is actually a brand name? The term Onesie is owned by Gerber Childrenswear.

2. Crock-Pot


Mmm, just thinking about coming home to a home-cooked meal from a Crock-Pot makes me hungry. But Crock-Pot is NOT a generic name, and the actual general name is entitled slow cooker.

3. Zamboni


Did you mean to call it an ice resurfacer? The term Zamboni is generally used when referring to an ice surfacer at a hockey game, but Zamboni is an internationally registered trademark!

4. Jacuzzi


Have you ever gone into someone’s backyard or been in a hotel room, and noticed a relaxing, enjoyable Jacuzzi? Well, when referring to a Jacuzzi, you’re actually using a brand name.Jacuzzi is an Italian multinational corporation that produces whirlpool bathtubs and hot tub spas.

5. Popsicle


This one really blew me away. When I was a little kid, I remember asking my mom and dad for a Popsicle as the weather got warmer. However, I never knew that I was using this brand name product in a generic way of speaking. Popsicles are a registered trademark of Unilever. Generic frozen pops are called ice pops or freezer pops. However, Popsicle will be used for many years to come, since the brand name has transformed itself into a generic term.

6. Scotch Tape


Did you mean to say transparent adhesive tape? Well, obviously not. It’s very common to ask for Scotch Tape when trying to put a project together or tape up a ripped up piece of paper. However, Scotch tape is a brand name.

7. Tupperware


Tupperware is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home. Tupperware was first introduced to the public in 1948 by Earl Silas Tupper. The generic name would be plastic storage containers, but all across America, if you’re wrapping up food to take home with you from a party, you will most likely be asking to borrow some Tupperware.

8. Band-Aids


This is probably one of the most popular brand names used as generic terms. If you cut your finger, the first thing you ask for is a Band-Aid. However, Band-Aid is product by Johnson & Johnson. The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by a Johnson & Johnson employee, Earle Dickson, for his wife Josephine, who frequently cut and burned herself while cooking. The generic term? Adhesive bandage.

9. Frisbee


Don’t you mean to say flying disc? This is one product that I was truly surprised to learn was actually a brand name. The term Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O Toy Company.

10. Rollerblades


Rollerblade is a brand name, and it’s owned by the company Nordica. The correct generic term for Rollerblades, is inline skates. However, Rollerbades has grown to be a much more popular term.

There’s so many other products that we tend to use as generic terms, when they are truly brands. This just shows how popular and relevant certain brands have become. These brands and others, including Kleenex, Sharpie, Wite-Out and Velcro, have inserted themselves in the generic term index due to their popularity. This is proof at just how powerful a brand can be!


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