Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day

September 27th is National Family Health and Fitness Day. It is always held on the last Saturday in September. The purpose of the event is to get families involved in more physical activity. Across the country, local organization will host health and fitness events at schools, parks, hospitals, Y-organizations, malls, fitness club, gyms and other community based locations.

Activities often found at these events are traditionally non-competitive and may include walking events, low-impact exercises, health screenings, games, and information workshops. Motivators offers so many different items that could help encourage physical activity. You don’t need to wait for September to start encouraging movement and fun! Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day early this year!


If you want to cover all of your bases, then our Leeds Solace 5 in 1 Outdoor Game Set is perfect for you. This 31 piece kit has something for everyone, and it includes a volleyball-badminton net with four pegs and eight posts, two badminton racquets, an inflatable volleyball, four plastic horseshoes, two plastic stakes, a pump, fold up flyer, flying disc ball game, and a carrying case.

kit kit2


Want to work up a swear with your family at your next picnic or just relive some stress after a long day of work or school? A fun game of running bases with our Ball & Mitt Game Set, Transparent Flyer, or Flying Zing Ring should do the trick. Have fun at the beach or in the backyard! These three items are great for children of all ages.

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Jump ropes are another family favorite. Step away from those cell phones and start jumping. Take turns and see who can jump the most or get one jump rope for everyone in the whole family. Choose from a variety of jump rope options.

Calorie Counter Jump Rope


Jump Rope


Champion’s Jump Rope


Maybe you are looking for a calmer form of exercise. If so, then yoga is for you. All you need to do is breathe deeply and stretch out on your own personal yoga mat. Yoga is a great way to connect with your family and stretch your muscles at the same time. Try out our On-The-Go Yoga Mat which comes complete with its own case.


Let’s not forget about the easiest form of family fitness…going for a walk! You can do this anywhere! Walking your children to school, taking family trips and traveling to the mall are great places to go for walks. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise and it prevents you from being a couch potato. Motivators has so many pedometers to choose from and lots of them offer free shipping, too!


If you are not sure how to get started, try one of our slide guides. Our Fitness & Exercise Pocket Slider is full of information.


The guide contains tips on how to pick the right exercise and diet. You can learn how to figure out your target heart rate in order to get the most out of your family’s fitness. You can also try one of our recipe books to tie it all together, like Recipes for Healthy Eating Cookbook.


Don’t wait until National Family Health and Fitness Day, get started now! Get out there, burn some calories, eat right, and get fit with the help of Motivators.com!



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