Five Original Back to School Items

August has just about hit its last note, and with the beginning of September, comes the beginning of the school year. Whether you’re shopping for school supplies for a child in elementary school, or if you’re shopping at a college bookstore for an incoming student, one thing is for sure. Schools are a great source of pride for their staff and students. So here are five original back to school items for the new season!


Water Infuser Bottles


There is no doubt that health and nutrition have become a focus for schools around the country. Sugary drinks and salty snacks have contributed to a umber of health issues for children everywhere. Infuser bottles will encourage students everywhere to drink more water, especially when their favorite fruit or vegetable is infused in it. Plus, when their school mascot is printed on it,, they will be more proud and willing to bring the water infuser bottle with them to lunch every day!

Lunch Bags


Let’s face it, everyone either has their lunch in a big plastic snap closed lunch box or a brown paper bag. It can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd when regarding lunch bags. Choose from a huge assortment of colors and materials for a modern reusable lunch option. Many bags can even be purchase in your school’s colors to inspire school pride.



This one may not seem all that obvious. However, students of all ages have something in common, a set of keys. They have house keys, car keys and lock keys, and lanyard are the perfect way to keep them together and to also show off your school colors. The long extended material will help keep their keys from getting lost and can hold other items together as well.

Academic Planners


Quite often, the most classic ideas are the ones that are most easily forgotten. While school shopping for pens, markers, notebooks, binders, loose-leaf paper, and other school materials, it’s easy for students to forget how essential a planner in. A simple academic planner will keep every student’s classes and test schedules organized. It may even help them to maintain good grades!

Hand Sanitizer Sprays


On your way from your locker, to the science lab, to the gymnasium, and through the hallways, it is very likely that the average student can pick up germs along the way. With so many people in building sharing classrooms and bathrooms, it can’t hurt to keep everyone protected with some hand sanitizer sprays. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you don’t want to come down with any type of sickness that will keep you out of school.

These are only five back to school items that will benefit every student this upcoming school year!


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