Four Awesome Grandparents Day Ideas

When most people think about people in their family, the first people that come to mind are usually their mother and their father. However, some children are raised by their grandparents, or spend a great deal of time with them as a young child. I was one of these children. When I was little I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents, and I cherished every moment of it.


My grandfather and I

What better way to show your grandparents how much their appreciate you, than by presenting them with a gift that they will cherish on September 7th: National Grandparents Day. There’s so many promotional products that can be purchased for grandparents, and here are four awesome grandparents day ideas.

1. Watches


Motivators has a ton of different watches that grandma or grandpa will love! Whether you want leather, steel, multi-color, one color: Motivators has the perfect watch for you. One of my favorite watches is the Men’s Classic Two Tone Watch. It is a folded steel bracelet, has doomed mineral crystal, is hypoallergenic and comes with a lifetime warranty! This would be a great gift for National Grandparents Day. A wonderful watch for a wonderful grandparent.

2. Mugs


Whether it be a travel mug, ceramic mug or glass mug, one thing is certain…the mug will be used. Mugs are such a convenient promotional products because they are gifts that will be used time and time again. So purchase mugs this Grandparents Day for grandpa’s favorite beer or grandma’s morning tea. They will appreciate the gesture. Mugs are also¬†a great item for brand exposure.

3. Calendars


I don’t know about you, but I use my calendar for everything. I use it to keep track of several life events, such as birthdays, doctor’s appointments and weekended ventures. Your grandparents will appreciate receiving a calendar for National Grandparents Day, because it’s a practical gift that they will be sure to use. Motivators has dozens of different calendars to choose from!

4. Picture Frames


Grandparents do so much to make us happy, why not spoil them with something great on September 7th? Motivators has so many other items not mentioned here, that would be great for Grandparents Day. So take a stroll over to our site and take a look for yourself. And make sure to show your grandparents how much you care about them this National Grandparents Day!


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