Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness is something that is very near and dear to me. My mother battled breast cancer over ten years ago, and thankfully beat it. That is why every October I like to raise awareness on the topic. Whether it is to raise money for cancer research, or raise awareness on early detection, I try and help out.


There are so many great and fun products out there to help aid in bringing awareness. Here are some of my favorite promotional products for breast cancer awareness month.

Silicon Bracelet


These are great to hand out to large groups of people. I have my very first bracelet from the year my mom was diagnosed. It’s a great way to wear something every day of the month. There are also a lot of great websites that make cute breast cancer jewelry geared towards women.

Car Ribbons


This is a great item to give out during the month of October. Make your car a moving billboard of awareness for the moth. You can leave it on your car all-year round.



The more useful a product is, the more life span it will have. Sunglasses are a great example of this. They are great to give out at one of the many breast cancer walks that happen during the month of October. I know I’ll be sporting pink sunglasses at the annual Jones Beach walk.

Beach Balls

hand handout

Another great walk-a-thon item are beach balls. In the above photos, you can see us handing them out at last year’s event. These are a fantastic handout, especially since our event was at the beach last year.

So make it a point this year to raise awareness in your own unique way!


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