Celebrate World Teacher’s Day

World Teacher’s Day has been celebrated annually on October 5th, since 1994. This day is commemorated in order to show our token of appreciation for those who have molded minds for generations to come. We can all remember the name of that special teacher in our lives that affected us. Mine was Mr. Pupke in the 5th grade. He took me from being a C student to an A student! So on this day, let’s make sure we acknowledge these special educators, and let’s make them know how much we appreciate them!

Here are some items that you can distribute to celebrate World Teacher’s Day.

It’s not a cliche, teachers really do love getting apples from their students! Why not put a cute spin on this old tradition and give a teacher an apple promotional stress ball. It will help them keep their cool when students are getting rowdy on Friday afternoons before vacations. This¬†Apple Stress Reliever is adorable and great for teachers at all levels.



Everyone loves receiving gifts that they really need! Every teacher goes through hundreds of notebooks. Whether it’s for lesson plans or for attendance, any teacher will love a nicely printed notebook. This Spiral Notebook With Dart Pen is a great investment for all teachers!



Let’s put a fresh spin on the tradition “world’s greatest teacher mug.” This year, how about giving teachers a fancy vacuum sealed mug to keep their coffee warm? The Diva Vacuum Beverage Container¬†will spice up their desk and keep them motivated all year long!



For this World Teacher’s Day, make sure to purchase promotional products to show the teachers in your lives how much they mean to you!


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