Honoring Fire Prevention Week

Safety first! Fire Prevention Week will be held between October 4th-October 11th this year.

I remember as early as first and second grade, many many moons ago, when the firemen would come to our school and put on a demonstration for Fire Prevention. Now, 33 years later, I still remember to stop, drop, and roll, stay low, and always test the door for heat if there is ever a fire in the home. I also remember Smokey the Bear telling us, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Most of these lessons were taught through promotional awareness items, most of which still exist today. Motivators has a lot of great items in our Fire Prevention Week category.

We have an assortment of coloring books, like the “Flash Teaches Fire Safety!” Coloring BookThis is great for the little ones. They can learn as they play.



We also have some great stress balls, like Bert the Fireman. This can serve as a great reminder at fire safety events nationwide.



And last but not least, let me present to you, the Ultimate First Aid Kit. This kit will supply many helpful First Aid items, such as ointments, bandages, tweezers, ice packs, gauze and more. This can come in handy at schools, work or at home.



Make sure to buy products that will help everyone understand the severity and dangers of fires during this year’s Fire Prevention Week! There’s so many more products on the Motivators website that can come in handy for honoring Fire Prevention Week .


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