Promote Breast Cancer Awareness With the Power of Promos

Promotional products can serve hundreds of uses and purposes. They are the bags we bring home our groceries in and the pens we sign our checks with. However, their most powerful use entails bringing awareness to the diseases we as a society join together to fight against. This October, companies and organizations around the country and the world, will join together to continue to raise awareness about breast cancer and work together to raise money in order to eradicate this terrible disease. These are some of the most effective products to be used in that fight this year. This blog shows how we can promote breast cancer awareness with the power of promos.

Breast Cancer Awareness Grocery Shopper


Anyone can have a pink reusable tote bag, but this one has the pink awareness ribbon already built into it. The handle is the ribbon itself, so no one will be able to miss your obvious support of breast cancer awareness.

Quotation Books: Good Life Series: HOPE


It isn’t always easy to find a giveaways that has meaning. However, branded books have the ability to communicate a message in a very meaningful way. This book of inspirational quotes will be appreciated by survivors, as well as friends and family members of those who suffered through breast cancer. This book can also help any person who simply needs a little bit of inspiration in their lives.

Awareness Ribbon Mini Mints


Over the last few years, breast cancer awareness has been at the forefront of charitable work. It can be difficult sometimes when working on an awareness program to find something different or something that hasn’t been done before. These mints are shaped as an awareness ribbon and can be ordered in white, yellow, and of course, pink. Now your message can be delivered on the mint tin AND the mint itself.

Ribbon Sandwiched Fan


It always helps when an item fits security into your budget. For around $1 or less per piece, everyone at your next walk can have a hand fan with an awareness ribbon and message displayed on it. It will surely help to cool everyone down, and also serve as a way to use a picture to show unity.

Women’s Pocket Calendar & Health Guide


The most important thing to communicate in regards to the battle against breast cancer, is how vital it is to monitor your health. This planner include a 13-month calendar with space for notes and appointments. In addition, there is also helpful health information for women included.

Liqui-Mark Awareness Ribbon Shaped Double Sided Highlight and Pen Combo


Let’s not forget who the king of promotional products is: the almighty pen. This pen is shaped like an awareness ribbon, which certainly differentiates it from other pens. However, one end of the ribbon is a pen and the other end is a pink highlighter. It is a relevant and useful, which is exactly what you want to look for in a good promo!

With the power of promotional products, you can be sure that you will effectively promote breast cancer awareness this October.


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