Three Great Products For Celebrating Navy Day

Navy Day is a day where we acknowledge the sacrifice, courage, and commitment that the US Navy makes to this country in order to make sure we are consistently protected and safe. Navy Day is held on October 27th and the date was suggested in order to recognize the birthday of one of the Navy’s supporters who was Assistant Secreatry of the Navy in 1897. This man, was Theodore Roosevelt.

Here’s a list of three great products for celebrating Navy Day. If you’re looking to find great giveaways for the event, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Sailor Stress Ball


To say that members of the military will be stressed on the job, is a serious understatement. While this is merely just a stress ball, it is still a very nice gift to give to members of the Navy. When giving away this gift, it can put a smile on a sailor’s face during a stressful time. This could also be a great gift for anyone to merely honor Navy Day.

2. All About Me Book – Military Parent and Me


Children who grow up with military parents can also lead stressful lives. If their mom or dad is deployed, they can constantly be worried about their safety. For many children, it can be very hard to cope with a parent in the military. This book would be the perfect gift for a child or a military parent. Your child can be the star of the book and the book offers helpful tips for children on sending letters, sending pictures and for discussing feelings openly about having a parent in the military. This would be a very caring, kind gift to give to a child of a sailor.

3. Economy License Plate – Recycled


Do you know somebody currently serving in the Navy? Then you can proudly have US Navy written across your license plate. You’ll gain miles of exposure and visibility. You can even include the sailor’s name and ranking on the license plate in order to show how proud you are of them on a consistent basis.

These three gifts are only a few that are available to honor US Navy Day. This October 27th, let’s make sure to honor those in the Navy that have risked their lives and left behind the comfort of their own homes in order to ensure Americans freedom and protection. Thank you troops!


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