Top Brands and Why They Work

A brand’s main focus is to create a positive message, gain popularity, and become thoroughly recognizable. There are several brands in the world that have reached this stature. This list consists the top brands and why they work. These brands stand out from the pack, are identifiable worldwide, and have made a lasting, permanent impression on the branding world.


1. Apple apple You may be reading this from your MacBook, iPad or iPhone. Even if you’re not, you most definitely know someone who owns an Apple product. According to the branding research firm, Millward Brown, Apple is currently the second most valuable global brand, coming in second to Google. Apple’s brand value is almost $148 billion, an unfathomable number to the average person. One of the ways that Apple has gained such prominent brand exposure, is through mental imagery. Look at the image above. Unless you have never had access to the Internet or television throughout your entire life, it’s pretty obvious what that image stands for: APPLE. Even when we hear the word Apple in conversation, the average person can generally decipher that a literal fruit isn’t being discussed. Apple has a found a way, without words, to make their brand a permanent fixture in our memories. The design is simple, recognizable, and to put it frankly: it works.


2. McDonald’s mcdonalds BigMac, Quarter Pounder, McFlurry, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, McMuffin. Do any of these names sounds familiar to you? I’m sure they do. It’s nearly impossible to travel across America and not spot these famous golden arches. But without one man, McDonald’s may have never been. Back in 1954, a multi-mixer salesman named Ray Kroc, was shocked when he had a huge order for multi-mixers come in from a restaurant in San Bernardino, California. The restaurant was owned by two brothers: Dick and Mac McDonald. The restaurant had an impact on Mr. Kroc, who was “stunned by the effectiveness of their operation.”  Kroc soon had a vision of placing several McDonald’s restaurants all across the United States. He pitched his idea to the McDonald brothers, and in 1955, Kroc founded the McDonald’s Corporation. By 1958, McDonald’s had sold their 100 millionth hamburger. Today, McDonald’s is now one of the world’s leading food service retailers in more than 100 countries, with more than 35,000 restaurants, serving nearly 70 million people every day. McDonald’s is a branding giant. Their red and yellow logo are noticeable and obvious from a distance, and their menu remains pretty consistent despite random changes from season to season, or new additions added every now and then. It’s no surprise that McDonald’s has a branding value of $85 billion+. It’s a branding giant that just keeps getting bigger.


3. Microsoft mirosoft Microsoft’s brand is worth an estimated $90 billion. And it all started with a friendship between two geniuses: Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft was founded in 1975, and in 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer with Microsoft’s 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1. Microsoft has become popular in the branding world by establishing itself as one of the top companies for developing, manufacturing and selling computer software, consumer electronics, services, and much more. Microsoft Office, Skype, Bing, Surface, Xbox, Azure, Dynamics are only a fraction of Microsoft’s software applications. Their brand is recognizable worldwide, and their consistent contributions to the computer world will make sure to keep them on the top of the branding list for years to come.


4. Coca-Cola coca Coca-Cola has without a doubt established itself as one of the most popular brands worldwide. Their logo is simple, but recognized by many, if not all consumers. With an estimated brand value at almost $81 billion, the brand’s success is apparent. Coca-Cola gained success with design, taste, and most notably, their advertising. You may know that Coca-Cola has done a ton with their advertising tactics. Some ads have included polar bears, Santa Claus and celebrities, such as Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby, and most recently, Taylor Swift. Using celebrities in their advertisements makes their ads popular, and draws viewers in. It also doesn’t hurt that Coca-Cola is a delicious product, and has been a registered trademark since 1944. When a brand remains popular for that long, you can trust that it’s due to great taste, great branding, and consistency in their advertising.


5. Google google Last, but most definitely not least, is Brandz #1 Most Valuable Brand of 2014, Google. In 1996, Stanford student Sergey Brin met University of Michigan graduate Larry Page. Page was considering attending Stanford, so Brin was assigned to show him around the campus. In 1997, Larry and Sergey decided that they had a mission. They wanted to organize a way to fit a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web. They wanted an outlet that consisted of everything, about every subject, in every context, in every language, from one search engine. Thus began the brand giant, Google. Currently, Google has the largest network of translators in the world and it has become a household name. “Mom, who’s the main actor in the most recent Batman movie?” “I don’t know honey, why don’t you Google it?” The fact that we ask people to “Google” something, proves just how far this brand has come. Their layout is simple and consists of a fairly simple font with a white background. But what Google has done, and continues to do, is mind boggling. They are the number one brand for a reason.

So what do all of these brands have in common? They’re recognizable, they’re consistent, and they’re good at what they do. In order to be a successful brand, you must always be able to offer a fantastic product. And these five brands go above and beyond the definition of success.

None of these brands would be where they are today without branding. Without successful marketing campaigns, promotional marketing, and branding, these companies wouldn’t be where they are today. Slogans also help to push products. If you want to get your name out there, Motivators is a great place to start in order to aid in your efforts.


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