Seven Products to Promote Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Most of us have done something in the month of October in order to raise awareness for breast cancer. Whether it was a donation, participating in a walk, or wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness, it has definitely become a major annual theme in October to raise awareness for the terrible disease. November is coming up, and that is labeled Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.


Alzheimer’s is a very serious illness and it affects millions of people every year. Here are seven products to promote Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. All of these items are common, effective, and great for awareness events.

7-Day Pillcase


Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects mostly older people. Many people that are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are given pills to take on a daily basis. Pill cases can be a necessary part of life for seniors. This item would be a very effective way to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s.

Forget Me Not Seed Packet


The Forget Me Not Seed Packet is effective on multiple levels. The name of the flower speaks to one of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s: loss of memory. In addition, the flowers it grows, grow in the official color of Alzheimer’s awareness: purple. Lastly, this item is eco-friendly, which is also a plus for promotional products.

Alzheimer’s Disease Pocket Slider


One of the best ways to prevent any disease is to be informed. This product educates about Alzheimer’s while also promoting your organization. This is an appropriate giveaway for a hospital, medical center, nursing home, or doctor’s office. The pocket slider inclues useful information about reducing risks for the disease and also offers tips for caregivers.

Health: Voices of Alzheimer’s: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength


Alzheimer’s has a deep emotional impact on the victim and the victim’s family and friends. This book provides stories from loved ones of those with Alzheimer’s on how they got through the most difficult of times. It is a helpful read for anyone who loves someone with the disease.

The Li’l Shorty Sports Bottle


One of the most popular ways to raise money for a cause nowadays is to organize a walk. Water bottle are a fantastic low cost item to give away. Regardless of how long the walk is, or how fast or slow you walk, staying hydrated is key. This piece is great and you can choose purple in order to honor Alzheimer’s Awareness.

Flexible Awareness Ribbon Key Tag


Raising money for a cause has a lot of people for those who participate. Due to that, it’s always nice to have a giveaway that people can keep with them at all times. An awareness ribbon key tag is low cost, and small enough to fit on any keychain as a reminder that they have helped support a good cause.

Awareness Grocery Shopper Tote


This item is useful, eco-friendly, and helpful in raising awareness. These are three important factors for a giveaway. This piece comes in the official color for Alzheimer’s Awareness and is an item that is sure to be used over and over again.

Motivators has so many more items that can be used for raising awareness for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. You can also donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, which raises money to help fight Alzheimer’s disease through vital research and essential support programs and services.


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