Five Amazing Holiday Giveaways

When the months pass, seasons change, and weather cools, it’s hard to ignore that the holiday season is approaching. Before you know it, it will be the end of the year and 2015 will be rolling in! With that being said, preparations nee to be made. Holiday shopping needs to get done and the hot new items for 2015 need to be ordered! What are the top five holiday items this year you may ask? Here is a recap of five amazing holiday giveaways and must-have promotional products to start off the new year!




After all, what better way to get your message out than to giveaway promotional calendars? Your logo will be embedded in the recipient’s mind every time they look at the customized calendar. Who doesn’t use a calendar?! Whether they keep it in their office, home, school, or business, calendars are a must have for everyone. According to the PPAI Publications, despite computers and handheld devices being used more frequently, when individuals were asked to explain reasons as to why they used a physical calendar, here were the main reasons reported:

– Check dates: 83%

– Make a note of appointments: 81%

– Keep track of special dates and holidays: 78%

With that being noted, one of the top promotional giveaways for the New Year has been the promotional calendar. And it will remain popular for years to come. Just remember, every time someone looks a the calendar to check on a date, they will also be seeing your logo in front of their face. It’s great for brand recognition and exposure.



With the weather getting cooler and cooler as the year comes to a close, promotional apparel also will become more and more popular. Why not give away something that can be worn by many and seen by all?

Don’t just think of it as a hoodie or a pair of sweatpants. There are dozens of promotional apparel items that can be given out to show off your brand. We have everything from jackets to polo shirts to sweatpants to hoodies! And just think, every time someone throws on that piece of clothing, that’s more brand exposure for you! Why pay for expensive print or TV advertising? Giving away promotional apparel will ensure cost efficient walking billboards that will consistently publicize your logo or brand.



Everyone drinks something! Whether it be coffee, tea, water, juice, milk, iced or hot beverages, everyone has their beverage of choice. Recent statistics show that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee daily. However, only 14% of US consumers own branded drinkware. Considering that so many people wake up each morning for their cup-o-joe, there is a big gap that needs to be filled with the amount of people owning branded drinkware. There is also a growing market of tea drinkers in the US, who could benefit from having promotional drinkware to sip throughout their day.

Also, with the growing eco-friendly trends, individuals and companies are starting to use more reusable versus disposable drinkware. Giving out custom imprinted drinkware not only promotes your company’s brand, but also shows how you are being environmentally conscious. During the holiday season, gift sets including mugs or tumblers with hot chocolate, teas, and coffees, are hot sellers!

Gift Baskets


What better way to say “thank you”, “thinking of you”, or “happy holidays” than by sending someone a freshly packed food basket packed in a personalized box. We have such items as nuts, cookies, chocolates, meats, cheeses, cookies, and pastries. There is nothing more satisfying and appreciated than a fancy gift basket filled with delicious treats!

Add your company logo to the mix and you have a customer who will remember you for a very long time! With low minimum quantities and free shipping for the holidays, these special gifts give the personal touch and detail you need to make your customer feel special.

Power Banks


I have to say, this year’s hot electronic promotional giveaways seems to be the power bank. With everyone using smart phones and tablets, battery life has become a huge issue. As newer and more advanced devices are being introduced to the market every day, more and more people are purchasing and using these items. With so much being done on these smart phones and tablets, batteries can deplete quite fast, and at any time. So you must be prepared! Just as everyone seems to have a smart phone these days, everyone also needs an emergency power bank to fill up the batteries before it dies! Why not put your company logo on these popular devices and give them out as high end holiday gifts?

With such a wide selection on Motivators website, you are bound to find the right product that is within your budget to give out during this holiday season!


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