Five Thanksgiving Items That Stand Out

Updated October, 2018

The stores are filled with Halloween and Christmas decorations the second school starts. Already, I see the annual Halloween shops popping up around town, and the retail stores are pushing decorations and poofy dresses for Christmas. But what about Thanksgiving?! What about one of the best holidays that we seem to gloss over? I suppose because people don’t dress up and no presents are exchanged, it’s not as exciting. But I say…let’s make it exciting! Let’s give thanks for all of the wonderful things we have! And what better way to show your thanks than by ordering some Thanksgiving themed items? Here are five Thanksgiving items that stand out!


1. Turkey Stress Ball turkeyyyOk, let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful. Between the shopping, prepping, family, and trying to just get it all DONE, one can get overwhelmed. So take a deep breath, squeeze a cute turkey shaped stress ball, and then set it down as a cute place setting at the table.


2.┬áSeason’s Greetings Thanksgiving Card gobAs I have said before, people like to receive FUN mail. Remember to thank your clients, your family, and your friends, for everything they have done this year. Show how you appreciate them this time of year by sending them a simple card that will put smiles on their faces! The card will stay on display until you send them your Holiday Card!


3. Leeds Entertainer Wine & Cheese BoardPromotional-EntertainerWineCheeseBoardLooking for a nice housewarming gift for someone who is hosting their first holiday? A wine and cheese board is a great gift, and it happens to be useful as well! Adding your logo to the block will ensure your brand stays top of mind for years to come!


4. Silicone Oven Mitt ovenmitWho doesn’t need a new or spare oven mitt for the big turkey day? In my family, there are a bunch of us in the kitchen constantly. People are stirring, checking, moving pots and pans, and using other pot holders as trivets. This makes having another set of oven mitts extremely helpful and beneficial!


5. Maple Ridge Farms Smoked Whole Turkey with Bamboo Cutting Board bambooThat’s right…we sell a Maple Ridge Farms smoked turkey! I know I know…kinda weird to order a turkey from the same place you can order pens, but I was really amazed with how wonderful these birds are. They are slow cooked for 24 hours and come with a beautiful cutting board. Send this to someone who might be less fortunate than you, or purchase it as a surprise towards a potluck. And you know it’s high quality because it is Maple Ridge Farms! We offer these five items and so many more Thanksgiving items on Find the promotional products that work for you and have a fantastic holiday!


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