Four Ways to Raise Awareness for National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month. Currently, nearly 24 million children and adults are living with diabetes in the United States. Additionally, 57 million Americans are at risk of developing diabetes in their lifetime.


Here at Motivators, we have all the promotional products you need to raise awareness for this serious disease. Here are four ways to raise awareness for national diabetes month.

1. “Staying Healthy with Diabetes” Pocket Slider



Stay informed with the “Staying Healthy with Diabetes” Pocket Slider. This is a great tool to help those with diabetes stay as healthy as possible. It provides a significant amount of useful information, including how insulin works, a guide on how to check your sugar levels, and tips for eating healthy. This is the perfect item to personalize any diabetes awareness event.

2. “Diabetes Health – Blood Glucose & Record Keeper” Tracker



The “Diabetes Health – Blood Glucose & Record Keeper” Tracker is another great item for a diabetes awareness event. This item can help those with diabetes to record their blood sugar levels throughout the day. It also has a place to hold your ID card for emergency purposes. This item is an extremely useful and thoughtful giveaways for any event focusing on diabetes.

3. “The Diabetic” Cookbook



Cook up a healthy dose of diabetes awareness with “The Diabetic” Cookbook. This custom imprinted cookbook is filled with delicious, healthy recipes. They are all perfect for a diabetic to enjoy, and this book also includes important nutritional information. This is a great item because it’s fun, informative, and is sure to raise awareness for diabetes.

4. Exercise Kit


For some Type II Diabetics, losing weight and getting in shape can be the difference between have diabetes and not. This Exercise Kit can help with just that. Inside the black nylon personal travel pouch is a Clip ‘N Step Meter and an exercise band. It’s a great kit for a workout, and the pouch is perfect to keep your gym items organized. This is a fun and useful item for anyone interested staying in shape, and it’s a unique item to hand our during a diabetes awareness event.

Motivators has all of these items and so many more on our website. If you’re looking for promotional products to raise awareness for National Diabetes Month, you’ve come to the right place!


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