Great Ways to Honor American Education Week

American Education Week will be celebrated between November 16th and November 22nd of 2014. This offers all Americans a great chance to celebrate public education and to honor those in public education who are making a difference. We can all also show support for children, parents, teachers and administrators.

Monday, November 17th, is the official kick off day. Schools will be hosting events and activities to celebrate excellence in education. Some great ways to get the party started is with balloons. What says success in school better than Gold Mylar Balloon? Fly balloons throughout the school to show your spirit!



Share the spirit in the classroom! Have the kids draw pictures depicting what they like best about school with a Crayo-Star Five Color Stay Crayon – Full Colora box of crayons, or coloring book.










Show support for teachers with useful school oriented items! A big favorite is our Chalk It Up Mug. Write a custom message to each staff member before distributing them!



Bring the celebration outside to let everyone know that you support your local school. Spirits will be flying high! Motivators has a wide variety of frisbees and flyers. They’re great for outdoor events like beach get-togethers and picnics!



If you are bringing parents into the classroom, it’s nice to show support for them also. Parents are the ones who are the #1 supporters of public education. By sending their children to school, they’re hoping for their children to get the best education possible. If you’re a teacher and are holding parent-teacher conferences, handing out star-focused gifts will show the parents how much they mean to their children. They truly are the star in their children’s lives.



Whether you are celebrating with parents, teachers, or administrators, American Education Week deserves to be celebrated! Let help you to show your support!


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