Top Fall Giveaways

Now that the summer is gone, it’s time for the fall! The beach and barbecues are behind us, but now it’s time for football, apple picking, and whatever outdoorsy things you can get in before the winter arrives. Here’s a list of top fall giveaways!

The first thing you think about when the fall arrives and the temperature starts to drop are comfy blankets! We have tons of imprint able blankets that can travel with you anywhere you go! You can bring a blanket to a picnic or a ball game, and with one of these embroidered blankets, you’re sure to get your brands name to tons of people.

Leeds Spring Throw Blanket


The Leeds Spring Throw Blanket is a great giveaway, especially for the fall season. It’s lightweight, easily packable, and will provide warmth for wherever you go! This blanket comes in five colors and is made of a warm, comfy polyester fleece.

You’re going to need something to keep your drink warm on those cool, fall nights. Whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, everyone needs a stainless steel travel mug for the fall!

Equator Tumbler


The Equator Tumbler will undoubtedly keep your beverage hot for hours on end. This would be a great fall giveaway for schools, doctor’s offices, or businesses. If your employees are addicted to caffeine, spoil them with this amazing gift! This tumbler has a 16 oz. capacity, a rubber grip, slide-lock lid, and contains an insulated stainless steel outer wall. Surprise some important people in your life with this fantastic fall giveaway!

While everyone loves promotional tumblers and blankets, people also love promotional wool caps! Nothing is cozier on a brisk, fall day, then throwing on a wool cap and being encapsulated by the warmth. Motivators has a wide variety of cozy, knitted caps and beanies that will be a crowd pleaser this season! If you’re looking for that perfect fall giveaway, look no further! These wool caps are the giveaways for you!

Yupoong Heavyweight Cuffed Knit Cap


The Yupoong Heavyweight Cuffed Knit Cap will help everyone to stay warm during the fall season! The cap is stylish and has a large area for your brand or logo. This specific hat comes in nine colors, is 100% hypoallergenic acrylic, has a super-dense knit decorating surface, is machine washable, and is approximately 12″ long. Whether you’re giving away this cap to a group of construction workers who work outside, or handing them out to your clients to keep warm when they’re not in their offices, these caps are sure to be appreciated by all who receive them.

There will be plenty of moments for photo opportunities during the fall season. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, and of course, Thanksgiving, all require photos to be captured. In order to take photos and videos from your cell phone, you’ll need to make sure you have a power bank charger nearby. You no longer need to spend $20 at the checkout line at a convenience store for these must-have items. Motivators has power banks that cost between $6.50-7.99 with a minimum of 25 pieces purchased.

Power Bank Charger


Our Custom Imprinted Power Bank Charger is a great giveaway for several reasons. Firstly, in emergency situations, it’s always imperative to make sure you have a charger nearby, in case your smart-device loses battery. Secondly, this item can be handed out to employees in an unique and effective way. Thirdly, you can personalize the charger with your company name and logo. Everyone will be appreciative of this gift, because it’s guaranteed they will use it on a consistent basic! It comes pre-charger 30-50% for immediate use, includes a charging cable, and can charge iPods, cell phones, MP3s, and other electronic devices.

Another reason to keep your phone charged, is so that you can keep your Bluetooth speaker going at all times. A Bluetooth is an amazing giveaway. Play music wherever you go!

Leeds Bluetooth Solo Speaker


The Leeds Bluetooth Solo Speaker would be a fantastic fall giveaway idea! The speaker is rechargeable and works within 10 meters of your device! It’s compatible with Android OS devices, Apple products with Bluetooth capability, and more. This would be an amazing gift to give to coworkers or clients. It’s perfect for traveling or for office use.

One of my personal favorite fall giveaways is anti-bacterial sprays and suncreens. It doesn’t have to necessarily be hot in order for you to get burned under the sun. And everyone can always use anti-bacterial sprays. If you want to give a great gift for teachers at a school, for nurses at a hospital, or for workers at a healthcare facility, antibacterial spray is the way to go! Teachers can even give these gifts away to students, so that the little ones can be safe from germs throughout the fall season.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer


The Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer is one of the best fall giveaways around! If you’re a germophone, or just want to stay away from viruses and germs as much as humanly possible, this would be a great item for you! It’s convenient and can be placed on your keychain so that it’s always in reach. The spray gives off a subtle citrus smell and is a must-have item for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. There’s 13 colors available for fighting germs on the go!

For those of us in cooler climates, we’re sad to say goodbye to the summer. However, fall can be enjoyable, too! Enjoy the change of season and call Motivators for all of your promotional product needs!


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