Top Five Promotional Giveaways Under $1

Motivators offers over 55,000 items on our site. We offer many items that are under $1, which is perfect when you’re working with a tight budget, but still want to effectively promote your business! Here are Motivators Top Five Promotional Giveaways Under $1

JetStream Stylus Pen


This item is a pen and a stylus in one! You can’t beat that. This is such a great giveaway for clients, co-workers, employees or friends. This is a great pen that will get your company logo or brand out there for all to see. The pen comes in a variety of colors and at 39 cents a piece, it’s the perfect item for a small budget!

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer


It’s that time of the year again: cold and flu season. Yuck! These handy hand sanitizers are the perfect promotional items to hand out to clients. These would be great giveaways for schools, hospitals, or nursing homes. Your logo can be digitally imprinted in full color on the product so that your logo or brand will surely get noticed each time one of these sprays is used!

Chap Balms Lip Balm


This giveaway is perfect for any time of the year. Whether you want to keep your lips moisturized in the summer time, or prevent chapped lips in the winter, this is a great product. Recipients will love this item, and it’s definitely a great, fun, convenient way to promote your business. Each time a recipient takes out their chap stick, your logo or brand will be the first thing on their mind!

Stress Relievers


We have tons of stress relievers in all shapes and sizes that are under $1. Not only do they help you when you are stressed, but they are a giveaway that people will be sure to use over and over again.

First Aid Pouch


This handy little pouch comes with bandages and alcohol pads inside of a pouch that will proudly display your logo. It’s a great giveaway for hospitals, schools, and offices. This product will come in handy in case of an emergency.

Give Motivators a call and let us help find you a promotional giveaway to fit your budget!


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