Using Promotional Products to Honor Veterans this Veterans Day

November 11th marks Veterans Day. This is the official holiday that honors those who have served in the armed forces. This day also marks the end to World War I, which is celebrated in other parts of the world. Each Veterans Day, we honor and thank all veterans for their services to the United States. Promotional products can be used at a variety of Veterans Day events. Do you want to start using promotional products to honor veterans this Veterans Day? Then this is the blog for you. Here are my top three ideas.


1. Camo Drawstring Backpacks



As a fellow camouflage fan myself, I think that this backpack is a fabulous find. You can show your respect and admiration for the military by sporting one of these, and you’ll also be fashion friendly. This is a great item for kids as well. You can hand out a backpack while educating them about Veterans Day!

2. US Flag Key Tags



These make for a great giveaway for large groups. These inexpensive key tags will get the message across with the US Flag on one side and your Veterans Day message on the other. This is a super cute and easy way to carry around your American spirit.

3. Army Bert Squeezie



This is the cutest of all giveaways. The Berts come in so many themes, my favorite being this Army man! He is so squeezable in his Army greens. This is a great gift for the office setting, or for those who need to relieve some stress.

Make a visit to and purchase these and other great promotional products for Veterans Day. Let’s honor those who have sacrificed their lives serving our country and protecting our freedom. Happy Veterans Day. And if you see a Vet, thank them for their service!


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