Five Budget Holiday Giveaways

With the holiday season coming up, many of my customers are looking for holiday gifts that they can give to their clients. In these cases, they’re usually looking for the lower priced, high quantity items. Here are my picks for five budget holiday giveaways this season!



While mostly everyone has a smartphone, the paper calendar is still a great, useful item to send out for the holidays. I personally still use a calendar at my desk and at my home, and I always buy one for my mom each Christmas. Calendars are perfect to mail out, they’re affordable, and they offer a nice space to show off your custom logo!

Seed Paper Ornaments


Want to send something out that won’t just be thrown away after the season is over? The seed paper ornaments are perfect for the eco-friendly gift givers and recipients. After using the ornament on their tree, the recipients can then plant the ornament for a living promotion. This is a great item that allows you to get the most for your money.

Christmas Gift Organizer & Holiday Calendar Better Book


I come from a large family, my husband comes from a large family, and we now have two children. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of who wants what and what presents I have already bought. Our Christmas organizer is perfect for my Type A needs. The holiday shopping list section allows you to write in the names, sizes, favorite colors, and multiple gift choices for your recipients. The organizer is affordable for those on a budget, and the convenience of the product makes the shopping experience a breeze!

Picture Frames


I am a sucker for a picture frame. Frames are one of those things I don’t like to spend money on for myself, but I love when I receive them as gifts. Picture frames are another great item that can be mailed out, and they are truly thoughtful (especially if it comes with a nice picture inside). Motivators has several photo albums that will fit your budget.

Ideal USB Car Adapter


Last but not least, here’s the tech-savvy item! One of my biggest fears is that my phone will go dead when I need it for my GPS or for an emergency! Who doesn’t need an extra car adapter? Unfortunately, the small car items often misplaced or broken, so having an extra in the glove compartment is always handy!

All of these items are affordable and convenient. Motivators has dozens more items to choose from that would fit into your budget for your holiday giveaways. So make sure to visit for your holiday shopping!


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