Promoting AIDS Awareness on World AIDS Day

Every year on December 1st, the global community holds World AIDS Day. It is a day for everything to encourage, not just awareness of the terrible disease, but also to promote proper testing and to explain the correct ways to prevent the spread of the disease. AIDS awareness organizers were one of the first to identify a single color that symbolizes the fight against the disease. So for many years now, red has been the color for the fight against AIDS.


There are a plethora of promotional products that are helpful in promoting awareness and education. Here are eight items that can help in promoting AIDS awareness on World AIDS Day.

Knowing the Facts About AIDS Key Points


Knowledge and information are two important tools when it comes to understanding any disease. This pamphlet includes information about symptoms, testing, how AIDS can be transmitted, and more. The pamphlet folds to the size of a credit card. This is an ideal giveaway for high school health classes.

Forget Me Not Blood Droplet Ornament


Do you want to create awareness and also be eco-friendly? You can be! And it’s a winning combination. The shape of the red blood drop symbolizes the fight against AIDS, however, when planted, this product turns into a beautiful plant that will last! The item is packaged in a crystal clear poly bag with a planting instruction card that also shows off your company’s name and message. This ornament is made out of natural, biodegradable, and recycled fibers.

Safevelope – Safe Sex Kit


The fact of the matter is,¬†safe sex can prevent many AIDS cases. AIDS can be spread other ways, but it’s commonly spread through unprotected sex. This item is great for more than one reason. It includes mints and a condom, but it’s also fantastic because the entire packaging can be customized with a digital imprint. That means there is no limit to how you would like to get your message across.

Ribbon Shaped Express Line Lapel Pin


Before awareness bracelets and tote bags, there was one simple way to show your support for awareness events. This was the simple lapel pin. This may look like just any other awareness ribbon lapel pin, but this piece is special because you can also add a line or two of text on the pin as well. This is a great way to raise awareness for World AIDS Day.

Red Heart Clipsters w/ White Magnetic Base


Another major symbol in the fight against AIDS is the image of a heart. This piece is a great desktop item that can help symbolize the strength of the human heart. This product would be great for raising awareness for World AIDS Day. The white base provides an awesome imprint area and the red heart clips will secure any papers you need filed together.

Heart-Shaped Badge Reel – 40″ Cord


Fighting the fight against AIDS requires doctors and nurses to walk around the clock to help their patients. These digitally printed badge reels¬†would be great hospital giveaways, and it’s a small way to show support for those that are in the fight against AIDS.

Awareness Red Ballpoint Pen


It is no secret that pens are a popular giveaway. Everyone gives away pens, but this one is different. Of course it has the red awarneess ribbon on it, but it also has a high quality polished chrome exterior. Perhaps most importantly, what makes this pen different is that portions of the proceeds from the sales of this item will b donated to various cancer awareness organizations.

Awareness Key Holder


Everyone owns a set of keys. It is one of the few things that almost everyone has in common. Car keys, house keys, maybe even office keys. Other than our cell phone and our wallet, keys are something we have on us at most times. That’s what makes this piece such a great reminder for AIDS awareness. Just like the pen, the keys have a high quality polished chrome exterior. Portions of the proceeds for this product are donated to cancer awareness organizations.

We have dozens of other products on our site at that will help you to raise awareness for AIDS on World AIDS Day.


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