Seven Fantastic Winter Promos

I will admit, the fall has been pretty mild so far, but don’t let that fool you. Winter is coming. I even heard there may be some snow flurries this upcoming weekend. Don’t be caught off guard. Motivators has some great items to keep your promotions in the winter spirit. Here are seven fantastic winter promos!

When thinking about winter, I always acknowledge the importance of having an ice scraper or snow brush. There is nothing worse than the first snow of the year, going out to your car, and realizing you don’t have one! I have seen plenty of people using their hands or umbrellas to remove snow. That just isn’t right. From full size snow brushes to pocket size ice scrapers, your logo will always be seen. Motivators has dozens of these items to choose from.

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So now you are out there in the snow, and your smartphone rings, and you need to take your gloves off! But wait! There is a better solution: Motivators Touch Screen Gloves. Unlike your average gloves, these touch screen gloves have conductive fibers in the fingertips that allow use on touch screen devices. Problem solved!



In Minnesota, they say there is no such thing as cold weather, just bad clothing. Motivators has you covered for all of your cold weather gear. We have a wide variety of winter jacket options so that your team of staff or customers can not only stay warm, but look good when they sport your logo. Our 3-in-1 jackets are a best seller for all temperatures.












Another great item for cold weather is a blanket. It can be warm and cozy on the couch when you are watching tv at home, and it can also make a big difference if you are outside at a stadium watching your favorite team play. We have a full selection of blankets that range from fleece to Sherpa. Motivators has you covered with a wide variety of blankets to choose from!













If you are braving the cold at an outdoor event, be sure to bring a hot beverage in a thermos in order to keep your hot drinks hot for hours.Motivators has many thermoses that would be appreciated all throughout the colder months. They make for great gifts at the holidays, too!










Transporting food in the winter can be a challenge. If you’re planning on bringing food for the holidays, or just taking a hot lunch to work, Motivators has many options when it comes to transporting hot food.











Nothing says winter more than hot cocoa. You can buy individual packets to give to your customers and staff, and it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. A gift set with mug and cocoa can make a cold day not seem so bad. The Leeman Designs Ghiradelli Gift Set is definitely an items that stands out! We also sell individual hot cocoa packets that the recipients will be sure to love!












However you choose to spend the winter months, you can be sure that motivators has got a promotion that will keep you warm and prepare you for all of winter’s brutal elements. Visit today to check out all of our great winter items!



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