Six Apparel Items for Winter Weather

If this year’s winter is even half as rough as last years, we better gear up for one cold winter. And as far as the Farmer’s Almanac is concerned, it will be a cold one. Be ahead of the curve and get ready for the inevitable doom of coldness with these six apparel items for winter weather!

Touch Screen Gloves


These trendy items were a huge hit last year. If you didn’t have gloves, you risked frost bite when you went to go send that important text message! Don’t be out of style this winter. And if it’s very cold, and you need to text or call someone, you can still do so with these gloves. The gloves are touch screen functioning and compatible with most all touch screen devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Androids. The conductive fibers in fingertips makes it possible to use your phone without taking the gloves off. Keep your fingers warm while operating your cell phone!

Knit Caps


Did you know that 30% of our body heat is lost through our heads? One of the best ways to beat the winter chill is by wearing a hat. So on those brutal days, don’t turn up the thermostat, just throw on a knit cap and it will warm you up instantly. Motivators has so many knit caps to choose from!


scarfyEveryone loves being fashionable and keeping warm at the same time. Come fall time, I break out my box, yes, box, of scarves. I have so many that I need to hang them across my curtain rod! A cute scarf can complete any outfit, and it will also ensure that you remain warm and toasty all winter long.



Everyone needs cozy sweaters. Whether you’re wearing one when it gets chilly in the office, or when you’re sitting at home on the couch watching television, a comfy sweater always comes in handy. Everyone at the office has one just in case! My go-to sweater is a super soft tri-blend! You can’t go wrong when you’re buying sweaters in the wintertime.



One of the most underrated winter accessories is definitely a warm robe. This is a critical staple item in our household for after the shower. I also call it my indoor jacket. When I get in from a long day of shoveling snow, I cozy up in a warm robe in the couch! Motivators has a wide variety of robe that any recipient will appreciate in the cold weather.



Finally, the most essential winter apparel item: the jacket. This is the icing on the cupcake. It makes all the difference to have a warm winter jacket, especially when faced with something as brutal as a polar vortex! Our jackets come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be fashionable and warm at the same time.

Motivators has so many items to keep you warm during the winter weather. We have items ranging from hats to gloves to sweatpants to slippers. Let Motivators help you to stay warm this winter!


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