Six Yummy Holiday Treats

The summer is gone, and so are those form fitting summer clothes and bathing suits! While most people might be upset about the colder wintery weather, there is a bright spot about the changing of the seasons. Bring on the holidays and delicious food!


Thanksgiving is up first, and no one will forget your company’s name while passing around the Maple Ridge Farms Party Starter Cutting Board Gift Set. This gift set includes medium and mild cheddar, milk chocolate almonds, wafers, sausage, mixed nuts, a bamboo board, and a cheese knife. And the entire thing comes with free shipping! You can’t beat that.


After Thanksgiving, we will have a few weeks to break from the gluttony, but why stop?! We have all sorts of mint tins, gum, and water bottles, all of which can be imprinted with a digital logo! That means no more paying per color in your logo. One setup charge and you’re done! My personal favorite is the Campire S’mores KitThis is great for a backyard fire pit, and for the day when I’m too lazy to light a fire, we have a Microwave S’Mores Kit in a Box as well.


Unless you’re from another planet, chances are, you love chocolate. So what better way to tell clients or employees that you appreciate them, then by presenting them with a delicious holiday gift consisting of chocolate? The 7-Way Chocolate Lover’s DreamThis item comes with white, milk, and dark chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate sprinkled pretzels, and much more! This is the perfect giveaway to hand out to a valued client. The tin container comes in seven vibrant colors, and has a huge area for your brand or logo!


Go nuts for nuts this holiday season! The Maple Ridge Farms Deluxe Mixed Nuts will be appreciated by any recipient. The nuts are roasted in small batches, at exactly the right temperature, and then they’re salted ever-so-lightly to enhance their natural flavor. Delicious!


The final yummy holiday treat I will mention is also one of the most original items we have on our entire site. Maple Ridge Farms Executive Jelly Bean Dispender Standard Multi-Color AssortmentThis nostalgic dispenser evokes childhood memories of the local candy store. Simply remove the cover and fill the chamber with jelly beans! Replace the cover, turn the crank, and feel like a kid again! A half-pound of America’s favorite jelly beans, the JELLY BELLY, are included in the package. The wooden cover is firebranded with your imprint. This gift will most definitely leave an impression on your recipient for a long time!

We have tons of gift baskets at all different prices, and you can put your special touch on them all! Late December brings us the end of the holiday season. This is the best time to thank your customers with gifts consisting of candy, food, and other delicious treats.




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