Five Products for the Winter Weather

Winter will be here shortly! Living in New York, each changing of the seasons brings about something new and unique. Summer brings the warm weather and sun, spring brings cooler weather and baseball season, fall brings the changing of the leaves, and winter brings the cold and the snow! No matter which season is your favorite, there’s no denying that each one brings something great to the table. Being that we are so close to winter, let’s discuss a few promotional products to help get you through the cold season. Here are five products for the winter weather!

1. Winter Coats

WinterCoat3 WinterCoat2 WinterCoat1

First and foremost, you will need a winter coat. What better way to have your brand promoted than by giving someone a big, puffy, warm, wearable billboard? We have tons of brand and imprinting options to make sure you’re warm no matter what. If you’re on the slopes or simply out for a walk, make sure the recipients stay warm while they promote your logo or brand!

2. Winter Gloves

Secondly, you’ll need gloves to go along with those coats. We have work gloves, casual gloves, popular touch screen gloves, and more! Gloves are an imperative item to have in the winter. Whether you work outside, or just want to keep warm, don’t leave home without these lifesavers.

CasualGloves WorkGloves TouchScreenGloves

3. Knit Caps


Promotional hats, caps, and beanies will definitely keep you warm when winter hits. These products are also great for branding. There’s a large imprint area on caps for showing off your company’s brand or logo. You can’t miss a logo when it’s on top of someone’s head. It will be the first thing that someone sees when they greet your recipient, and you can be guaranteed that this is a product that will be used and reused time and time again.

4. Ice Scrapers

Next up is the ice scraper. Everyone needs an ice scraper once the winter arrives, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Promote your logo and brand, and purchase an item that helps people drive safely in the snow! Ice scrapers are a great promotional product because they will leave your customers thanking you when those snowy, icy mornings arrive. We have several different ice scrapers for you this winter season. We have promotional ice scrapers with lights to help you when it’s dark outside, and we even have promotional ice scrapers with mittens attached. There’s now no need for your hands to be freezing cold when you’re scraping ice off of your car before heading out to work in the morning!

IceScraperWithLight LeedsIceScraper IceScraperHandMitten

5. Spooner Mug

Finally, last but not least, one of my favorite products: the spooner mug! This mug is great for the standard coffee or tea, but it’s also great for soup on that chilly winter day. This product is available in several colors so you can match your company’s logo! Also, it comes fully equipped with a spoon! This is the perfect item to stay warm during those cold winter months. We have several varieties of the spooner mug on our site!


We have so many more necessary winter items on, such as scarves, sweatpants, tumblers, etc. Make sure to check out our wide array of winter products to help you stay warm during the coldest months of the year!


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